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How do I…Listen to animal sounds

Tap anywhere on the picture to hear the sounds these animals make. Look for the Sound icon in the top right of animal photos that have audio enabled.

Share photos of Live Animals

There’s a few ways to share and save images from the live cams. You’ll notice a few icons when you are watching the cams at the bottom of the screen. By tapping on the Camera icon you can save the live shot on your screen at that time.  Also, by tapping on either the Email or Twitter icon, you can send a live shot of the webcam to family and friends. Sharing is caring! 

Turn off the zoo sound in Map view

Yup, you sure can. You’ll find this setting in the More section.


Cams not working

There could be a few reasons for this. WiFi, Edge or 3G network is required to view Live Animal Cams, works best on WiFi. Pocket Zoo displays live animal cams from all over the world which means that it could be day time for you but night time for the animals in the Zoo you’re viewing.  Therefore sometimes the image may appear dark. Tap on the Info icon to see where the zoo is located.  The number of people watching a certain camera might also affect performance and availability. You can use the Report feature (flag icon) in the cam view screen so you can notify us when a cam isn’t working.  

We do our best to monitor and replace cams that are not available. Pocket Zoo™ automatically checks for live cam updates a few times per day (if you have a network connection). You can also check for updates manually from the settings in the More section. 

Learn more about cams

Tap the Info icon to learn more about the live cams. All of the live animal cams in Pocket Zoo™  are available online through various websites. Please support the zoos and aquariums that we feature in Pocket Zoo’s live animal cams as well as your local zoo, they play a critical role in the education and conservation of endangered animals. Tap the Info icon to learn more about the live cams.

Why do a lot of the animal photos show couples or baby animals?

Mrs. Tiny Hearts was expecting while working on Pocket Zoo™ and it clearly shows from the selection of photos that kids were on her mind. Also, much like humans there are quite a few animals that are social by nature. They defend the members of their social group, and care for their young, old and sick.

Want to get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. You can email as at love at tinyhearts dot com

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